Magial things

"We hold all sorts of magical things inside ourselves - ideas, poetry, stories, paintings, unique ways to solve problems. Our challenge lies in finding the path to allow the magic out, to express our creative selves." ~ C. Diane Ealy, Ph.D.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Scare Crows

Check out the Scare Crows At the Gardens.
There will be more posted for this year. My Friend Kat and Ruth entered one this year. How fun. HAVE FUN LOOKING!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Fall is in the air, and the sniffles are visiting me . When The peanuts are being dug up It sends me chasing my nose.
I have been looking around at some cool sites on the web, All the creative people in the world inspire me to get with it working. I let things , people get in the way as theyDo. One of the many i have enjoyed is . I love her work .
I have a lot of projects waiting for my attention I have a quilt cut out for my grand daughter. My daughters quilt waiting to be finished, Paintings to work on, Dolls to make, furniture to paint, mosaics to work on ,now I am working on an inherited empordery quilt block kit, from Grandma Wright. She did a lot of quilting, embordery, knitting,. She was very taletied in the needle arts. I sure miss her.
It is hard to do much when attended to my 3 year old energetic Grand Daughter visiting for a while. Having to get used to a little one has wore me out . been a long time. She is a Joy.